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French Cup XC #2: Miguel Martinez was Ranked 29th

Miguel will go to Bourges to continue his XC races this Saturday. During this time, he will adjust himseld positively in the way of diet and traing.

Miguel Martinez: Notable Results in Dijon and Riom as Part of Winter Training!

Last weekend, equipped with the brand new Tropix cyclecross bike which is the result of independent research and development of Tropix, Miguel Martinez from Tropix Factory Racing Team achieved double kill in succession in the cycle-cross of Montapas and Bourbon Lancy! ​

Tropix News: Races Review of October 2017

In October, Miguel Martinez were active in cycle-cross races as his winter training to prepare for the 2018 season. Making high demand on the speed, XC races were the perfect stage for Miguel to perform the real fast and furious! Miguel proved that he is still the legend of bicycle by continuous victory.

First Round of French Cup XC Closed! How is the Feeling of Riding Road Bike on Mountain Track?

Today, Miguel still holds his handle bar of his beloved bike tightly, and continues his legend.

Miguel Martinez's Victory in 2017 Planete Velo Cross!

This was the first victory that Miguel obtained in cyclo cross in this race season of 2017, which developed a good start to his following winter training and races.

Competitions Review of August: David Rosa Showed Up at Brazil Cycle Fair with Tropix Brazil Distributor!

Brazil Cycle Fair was the biggest and the most professional cycle fair in South American Area, which welcomed all the cycle lovers during Sep. 22 to 24, 2017.

The Debut of Tropix New Products at the 27th China International Bicycle & Motor Fair (Shanghai)

The 27th China International Bicycle & Motor Fair had its grand opening in National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) on May 6, 2017, lasting for 4 days (from May 6 – 9). This was a gorgeous visual feast of bicycle, and the new products of Tropix made its debut on this stage, which allowed the riders to experience the top new products of Tropix on site. Please follow the editor to see what the new products are. (Some materials were from the relevant websites like Biketo, etc. which own the copyright completely.)

All 2018 Tropix New Products Are Released Today!

One fast MTB, one speedy MTB, two mountain bikes and five road bikes, all nine new products will be introduced in details.

Highlight: Miguel & David’s Training Camp in China!

2016 “Cronus-Tropix” Cup (Finals) was held in Foshan, and two MTB super riders of Tropix International Factory Racing Team were invited by Tropix Bike Co., Ltd. to participate in this great event. Miguel Martinez, the Champion of Sydney Olympic Games, World Cup and World Championships; David Rosa, the Portuguese National Champions for 7 times. Their achievements are well known by every rider. (Some materials were from the relevant websites like Biketo, etc. which own the copyright completely.)

YU Guangwei Took the Crown of 2016 “Cronus-Tropix Cup” MTB Race with the Perfect Coordination with Olympic Champion & Portuguese National Champion!

2016 “Cronus-Tropix” Cup (Finals) was held in this afternoon. MTB and Duathlon races all finished. “Cronus-Tropix” Cup was much more wonderful this year with the participation of two super riders of Tropix Factory Racing Team, the Olympic Champion Miguel Martinez and David Rosa, the Portuguese National Champion for 7 times. These two top riders even shared some useful and wonderful content in the one-day MTB Champion Training Camp the day before the race!